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Showing Your Ferret - All ferrets are show ferrets!


Attending a ferret show can be both a fun and an educational experience. The judging process and your ring results will help you learn about optimal ferret health and maintenance. Meeting with ferret owners from around the world, youíll have a chance to "compare notes" and learn the latest news, tips, and tricks. Shows provide an opportunity to discover local and regional shelters, breeders, clubs, and other organizations. Youíll have a chance to buy products you canít find elsewhere and support ferret organizations in the process.

Can I show my ferret?

Yes! Everyone is welcome to attend AFA shows, and we encourage you to show your ferret. Ferrets do not need to have any particular background or pedigree to show (and win!). Whether your ferret came from a pet shop, private breeder, or shelter, your ferret can "be all he can be," regardless of background.

For more information on ferret shows and showing your ferret please download AFA's Showing Your Ferret 101 HERE


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