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American Ferret Report Archives: 1999 - 2003

The AFR is © copyright American Ferret Association, All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form without the written consent of the editor-in-chief.

The following are sample articles from the American Ferret Report, article titles are linked to the .pdf document of the full article. Subscribe to the AFR to be sure you get all of our information-filled articles and stories!

Volume 13, Number 4: 2003 - sold out

  • News: From the Editor: Playing the Odds, Letters to the Editor
  • AFA News: The Future of AFA: Now a General Endowment Fund (.pdf 340kb)
  • Shows and Events: Winter Nationals (2003)
  • Medical News: Disseminated Idiopathic Myositis in Ferrets (.pdf 268kb), AFA Aleutian Disease Grant Fund, The Goal of Vaccination, More Drugs for Ferrets: Minor Species Act and Minor Use Animal Health Act Pending in Congress, DIMS Case Report Form
  • Living with Ferrets: Kitchen Mayhem: A Ferret Owner Discovers Why There’s Never Any Food in the Fridge, Quarks by Norka, Taking Your Ferret Outdoors, Disaster Response Training: Rescuing and Sheltering Animals in Natural and Manmade Disasters
  • Guide to Advertisers: Pamela Slack Memorial Fund, AFA Advertising Rates

Volume 13, Number 3: 2003 - available for purchase

  • News: From the Editor: Making Time for Ferrets, Letters to the Editor, California Legalization Efforts
  • Shows and Events: Ferret Buckeye Bash, Monster Mash (2003)
  • Medical News: Disseminated Idiopathic Myositis in Young Marshall Farms Ferrets (.pdf 300kb), AFA’s 5th Annual Vet Conference a Success
  • Living with Ferrets: Euthanasia: What to Expect (.pdf 148kb), Enhancing Your Ferret’s Playtime
  • Guide to Advertisers: Pharmacy Creations, Pamela Slack Memorial Fund, AFA Product and Membership Form

Volume 13, Number 2: 2003 - available for purchase

  • News: From the Editor: Goodnight, Sweet Prince, Letters to the Editor
  • AFA News: Legalization Efforts, KidsHealth Spreads Misinformation, Kaopectate Reformulation, Passport’s for European Ferrets, Regulating Animal Supplements, Ferret Advocacy, AFA Welcomes Dr. Crum, AFA Breed Standards Part 2, Ferret Advocacy at Work
  • Shows and Events: Ferret Fandango, Inland Northwest Ferret Show (2003)
  • Medical News:Diagnosing Aleutian Disease in Companion Ferrets (.pdf 284kb), ADV in the Shelter, AFA Position on Ferrets and Toxoplasmosis During Pregnancy
  • Living with Ferrets: Elliot Goes.. to the Movies, A Ferret’s review of Along Came Polly, The Fuzz on Ben Stiller
  • Guide to Advertisers: PureVax by Merial, AFA Product an Membership Form, Pamela Slack Memorial Fund

Volume 13, Number 1: 2003 - sold out

  • News: From the Editor: My Summer Vacation, Letters to the Editor: Annual Vaccinations, Hagerstown Rescue (.pdf 464kb), Quizno Update
  • AFA News: AFA Spotlight on Service, AFA Ferret Breed Standard Part 1, Chicago Drops Proposed Ban on Ferrets, AFA 2002 Financial Statement, Sally Heber Interview, Coming to a Theatre Near You: Along Cane Polly
  • Shows and Events: Kobe, Japan Results and the Spring Nationals (2003)
  • Living with Ferrets: Great Ferret Escapade, Petfinder Happy Tale: Not Your Average Bear, Ferret Intelligence
  • Guide to Advertisers: Mazuri Ferret Diet, Pamela Slack Memorial Fund, AFR Advertising Rates, AFA Veterinary Symposium, AFA Product and Membership Form

Volume 12 , Number 4; 2002 - available for purchase

  • News: From the Editor; Have Fuzzy, Will Travel; Letters to the Editor; Feeding Ferrets on Flights; Food Labels; Ferret News; Quizno, the Burned Ferret (.pdf 115kb); Ferret Symposium
  • AFA News: News from Education Committee; Judges News; AFA Voluntee Wish List; AFA "No Lose" Membership Raffle; Message from the AFA President;
  • Shows and Events: Harvest Ferret Expo 2002; 7th Japan Ferret Show; Holiday Ferret Expo 2002; Shows and Events List;
  • Living with Ferrets: Happy 10th Birthday Yazy!; So You Want a New Ferret (.pdf 80kb); Is a Handicapped Ferret Any Less a Ferret?
  • A.F.A. Membership and Product Order Form
  • Guide to Advertisers: Mazuri Ferret Diet; Pamela Slack Memorial Fund AFR Advertising Rates; AFA Veterinary Symposium Flyer;

Volume 12 , Number 3; 2002 - available for purchase

  • News: From the Editor; Effect Positive Change; Rabies Studies in Canada; AFA Offers Specialty Judges Training Program; AFA Financial Statement for 2001; AFA Volunteer Wish List; Ferret Shows in the U.K. (.pdf 84kb)
  • Shows and Events: Ferret Expo 2001; 5th Japan Ferret Show; Planned FerretHood Championship Show; 6th Japan Ferret Show; Ferret Expo 2002; Tristate Ferret Extravaganza ’02; Inland NorthWest Ferret Show 2002; Pacific NorthWest Ferret Show 2002; Ferret Buckeye Bash 2002
  • Medical News: Rethinking Annual Vaccinations
  • Shelter News: Thinking of Starting a Shelter? Tips to Make Your Shelter Great (.pdf 84kb)
  • Living with Ferrets: Pet Food: The Lowdown on Labels; Food Storage Tips; Ferret-Proofing Quiz
  • A.F.A. Membership and Product Order Form
  • Guide to Advertisers: Mazuri Ferret Diet; Pamela Slack Memorial Fund AFR Advertising Rates; AFA Veterinary Symposium Flyer; The 4th Annual Inland NorthWest Ferret Show Flyer

Volume 12 , Number 2; 2002 - available for purchase

  • News: From the Editor; An Introduction; AFA Urges Ferret Owners to Get Involved in Efforts to Regulate Kit Sales; Ferret Lovers in California Need Your Help; The Animal Welfare Act: Ferrets Need Not Apply; Being A Ferret Breeder: Things To Consider (.pdf 552kb); Spotlight on Eli Greer: Champion of Black-Footed Ferrets (.pdf 452kb)
  • Shows and Events: Ferret Buckeye Bash 2001; Harvest Ferret Expo 2001; Inland NorthWest Ferret Show 2001; Holiday Ferret Expo 2001; Show Photos
  • Medical News: Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Ferrets; Recognising Gastric Ulcers in Ferrets: Advice from a Shelter Mom
  • Living with Ferrets: Litter Training Ferrets: A True Yet Unusual Tale;
  • A.F.A. Membership and Product Order Form
  • Guide to Advertisers: Mazuri Ferret Diet; Pamela Slack Memorial Fund AFA Logo Necklace and Earrings; AFR Advertising Rates; AFA Ferret Checks; AFA Spring Nationals Ferret Competition Flyer

Volume 11 , Number 4; 2000 - sold out

  • News: From the Editor; In Memory: Karen Yaremkowych; Johnston kills AB 854; NYC campaign needs support; Farm in New Zealand raided; Salt Lake County changes law; Totally Ferret recalled; USDA to define ’distress’ for lab animals; TWA compromises on charges
  • AFA News: If you can’t beat ’em...volunteer!; Shopping online supports the AFA; AFA Position Nomination Form; Minutes of the AFA Annual Board Meeting
  • Shows and Events: AFA Ferret Expo 2000; AFA Super Ferret Expo
  • Special Species: Boosting reproduction in BFF; Black-tailed prairie dogs at risk
  • Medical News: Pain management; Rabies compendium updated for 2000; Scientists learn more about the brain using a ferret model
  • Living with Ferrets: The art of mustelid massage (.pdf 262kb); Shelter Solutions: Volunteers (.pdf 108kb)
  • A.F.A. Order Form
  • Guide to Advertisers: ZuPreem Premium Ferret Diet; AFA Logo Necklace and Earrings; Ferret Fun-O-Rama; Shady Hollow Ferretry; Totally Ferret; Ferret Surgeries Video; Ferret Checks; The Ferret Store; Charles Weiss, D.V.M

Volume 11 , Number 3; 2000 - sold out

  • News: From the Editor; CFL cries ’fowl’ over testimony; New York City lawsuit moves forward; AFA 1999 Financial Statement
  • Shows and Events
  • Medical News: New medical treatment for pyometra in the breeding jill (.pdf 32kb); Drug for treating mast cell tumors being tested in dogs
  • Kits and Caboodle: AFA to produce resources for ferret breeders; A Breeder’s Formula; Breeding ferrets in Japan is a new venture; Black Sable (song); Some jills only think they’re pregnant; They grow up so fast (photo essay) (.pdf 326kb)
  • Shelter Listings
  • Living with Ferrets: Long and Short of It: Heartworms and ear mites and fleas, oh my!; Ferret Daffynitions; Shelter Solutions: Avoiding breaking ties: How to adopt bonded groups of ferrets; My ferret is lost...What do I do? (.pdf 134kb); Our Wonderful Critter; Ferrets of the Month: Marge and Lisa (.pdf 50kb); Help Inga Find Her Socks
  • A.F.A. Order Form
  • Guide to Advertisers: ZuPreem Premium Ferret Diet; Linda’s Scratch Art Images; Ferret Surgeries Video; Totally Ferret; Charles Weiss, D.V.M; Shady Hollow Ferretry; Ferret Extravaganza 2000

Volume 11 , Number 2; 2000 - sold out

  • News: From the Editor; Ferrets draw crowd at Super Pet Expo; A.F.A. and L.I.F.E. launch campaign against A.D.V.; Pat Wright, founder of Ferrets Anonymous, jailed;
  • A.F.A News: A.F.A. Judges update training and procedures;
  • It’s Show Time: Shows and Events; The Greatest Ferret Show on Earth #11; Japan Ferret Association Championship Show; A.F.A. Holiday Ferret Expo ’99 (.pdf 331kb); What makes a show quality ferret? (.pdf 263kb); A day at the ferret races (with the fastest ferret in the world); Preparing your ferret for a show; Shelter Solutions: Are ferret shows an appropriate place for shelter adoptions?; Long and Short of It: Going to the show;
  • Medical News: Diagnosing and preventing A.D.V. in domesticated ferrets; New treatments for hyperadrenocorticism in the ferret; Hormone supplementation after bilateral adrenalectomy; Review of Ferrets: Health, Husbandry, and Diseases;
  • Living with Ferrets: A mustelid for the millenium; How many words can you ferret out?;
  • A.F.A. Order Form
  • Guide to Advertisers: ZuPreem Premium Ferret Diet; Super Pet Expo (.pdf 96kb); Ferret Extravaganza 2000; Totally Ferret; Linda’s Scratch Art Images; Shady Hollow Ferretry; Ferret Surgeries Video; Charles Weiss, D.V.M

Volume 11 , Number 1; 2000 - sold out

  • News: From the Editor; Ferret supporters sue New York City (.pdf 8kb); Tyson’s ferrets starved, but no charges filed (.pdf 61kb); Weasels and martens targeted in world wildlife war; Review of Presumed Ignorant!; Poem: A lesson in humility
  • Letters to A.F.A: Best Friends: Smudge and Willow
  • Shows and Events
  • Special Species: B.F.F. released in Utah; Government sued for poisoning prairie dogs; Mustelid Minute: Wintertime weasels
  • Medical News: Contagious diarrhea in ferrets returns with a vengeance (.pdf 15kb); A photo review of esophagostomy feeding tube placement; Review of Essentials of Ferrets, A Guide for Practitioners; Peer review in place for A.F.R.
  • Shelter Solutions: Adoption angst:the approval process
  • Living with Ferrets: Dog catchers learn new tricks; Loving to death; Long and Short of It: Healthy ears = happy ferret (.pdf 43kb); The night after Christmas; To sleep with ferrets, you first must play; Mozart’s ghost under my bed; Fergie’s only night in the waterbed; Ferrets save the world from Y2K
  • A.F.A. Order Form
  • Guide to Advertisers: ZuPreem Premium Ferret Diet; Linda’s Scratch Art Images

Volume 10 , Number 6; 1999

  • News: Californians can’t stand the suspense; Airlines face doubled penalties; U.S.D.A.’s Animal Care reports activities; Toronto ferret symposium rescheduled; Support needed for N.Y.C. (.pdf 15kb); Corrections; How ferrets are preparing for Y2K
  • Letters to AFA: Tylan helping out in Ohio; Ferret program on TV; Watch out for prostate health
  • AFA News: Appointments to AFA judging system (.pdf 15kb)
  • Shows and Events
  • Medical News: Esophagostomy feeding tube placement; Veterinarians face business challenges
  • Special Section: Nutrition Notes: Review of the nutritional needs of the ferret; Sweets for the sweet; When hungry ferrets will not eat; Kibble comparison: taste and guaranteed analysis; Junk food junkies (.pdf 106kb); Good ferrets, bad food; Trick or treat; Interpreting pet food labels
  • Living with Ferrets: This little ferret went to market; Excerpts from a ferret’s diary; Book Review: Pets - Part of the family

Volume 10 , Number 5; 1999

  • News: N.Y.C. Dept. of Health Bans Ferrets; Calif. AB 854 Clears One Committee; H.S.U.S. Launches Internet Channel for Kids; Jarmain Sentenced Reductions Made in Animal Testing; A.I.D.S. Patients with Pets Suffer Less Depression; Texas Shelters Safe from Quarantine Requirements
  • Letters to AFA: Concerned about FERVAC-D (.pdf 28kb); FERVAC-D Safe Compared with Other Vaccine Products Special Species: Births to Celebrate, but Caution for the Future; A.F.A. Members Monitor B.F.F. Jills and Kits
  • AFA News: A.F.A. Represented at A.V.M.A. Annual Convention; A.F.A. 1998 Financial Statement
  • Shows and Events: Events List; A.F.A. Procedures for non-A.F.A. Championship Ferret Shows
  • Medical News: Medical Treatment of Hyperadrenocorticism; New Drugs for Pets Abound; Coronavirus Identified as Cause of E.C.E.; Could Vaccine Tested in Zoo Species Help Ferrets? (.pdf 32kb); AccuPath Closed; Pamela Slack, D.V.M., Memorial Ferret Medical Research Grant Fund
  • Gimme Shelter: Ferrets Earn Piece of $1.5 Million from PETsMART Charities; Shelter Stories: Emily; Becoming Nonprofit Organizations Benefits Ferret Shelters; Shelter Stories: Ben; Keeping a Cage Interesting (.pdf 156kb); Ten Commandments for Ferrets; Shelter Stories: Broadway; It’s Been a Year?; Long and Short: Excuses, Excuses; Sometimes We Rescue Ferrets: Sometimes Ferrets Rescue Each Other; The Benefits of Forming a Multiple-Shelter Association; Home-based Shelter Not in Your Blueprints?; Shelter Listings; Poem: The Meaning of Rescue; Educational Opportunities Shelters Can Provide to the Public; Shelter Stories: Suzy

Volume 10, Number 4; 1999

  • News: Shelters to be Special Focus; Calif. AB 854 Passes Assembly; Senate Natural Resources Committee; Genetically Modified Crops Bug Government; B.F.F. Fund Update; E.U. Cosmetics "Cruelty Free"; Ferrets Not Included in Petition to U.S.D.A. (.pdf 55kb); In Memory: Suzanne Resinger; Volunteers Needed on California Borders; Ferrets Featured at Nat’l. Pet Week Activity; Toronto to Host Ferrets 2001 and DaVinci’s Lady and Ermine; Australian Prohibition on Importing Ferrets Under Review; Domesticated Ferrets Face Uncertain Future in New Zealand; Legislation Introduced to Protect Pets from Airline Hazards; Airlines Bump Pets on Hot Days
  • AFA News: Show Me the Ferrets! (.pdf 602kb); Japan Ferret Association Show (.pdf 859kb)
  • Medical News: Medical Emergencies in Pet Ferrets; Code Red! Ferrets in the E.R.; U.C.L.A. Opens Cancer Treatment Center for Pets; F.D.A. Publishes Guidance; Cool Tips for Hot Ferrets
  • Living With Ferrets: Bungee Jumping Without a Cord; Ginger Meets the Inkjet Printer; Perfection Comes in Furry Packages (.pdf 252kb); The Ferret Proofing Myth; Training Humans; Life with the Animals; How Ferrets Got Me a Job; Favorite Events at the Ferret Olympics
  • Shows and Events
  • AFA Product Order Form

Volume 10, Number 3; 1999

  • News: Calif. Tries, Tries Again: AB 854 Introduced, In Memory: Dr. Pamela M. Slack, New Director Appointed to D.F.G., S.C. Reconsiders Retail Sales, Melton Sentenced in Massachusetts, Ferrets Make Good Business Partners
  • Letters to AFA: Ferrets as Therapy Animals, Under the Sofa (song)
  • Special Species: Make Way for Martens!, Prairie Dog Status to be Reviewed, Southern Sea Otters Swim Home, Otters Spared Rabies Test
  • Medical News: Vaccine Reactions: Treatment and Prevention, A Cautionary Word about Febreze, C.D.V.: Infection, Presentation, Prevention, C.D.V. in the Shelter Population, Quarantine Comes to Calgary C.D.V. Outbreak in Milwaukee
  • Living With Ferrets Ferret Keeping in Western Australia, Making Friends with Lizzy, Can Ferrets Understand What We Say?, Baron, Grizzly, and Scooter, Jazzed about Jasmine, Feds Nab Hungry Beavers, Speedbump, Flake Skating
  • Shows and Events
  • Focus on Shelters: Warm Hearts in the Cold North
  • AFA Product Order Form

Volume 10, Number 2; 1999

  • News: DFG: Politics as Usual in California, Ten-day quarantine in Calgary, and Mustelids Take Manhattan
  • Letters to AFA: Westchester Fallout Continues, Ferret Muzzle, Aleutian Mink Disease in Michigan and Correction
  • Special Species: Survival of BFF May Depend on, Black-tailed Prairie Dog, Endangered Species Act Turns 25, Biologist Corrects Misleading BFF Story, BFF News Flash, BFF Living Near You!, and A Honey of a Badger
  • Shows and Events
  • Kits and Caboodle: Special Breeder Issue: Building a Successful Breeding Program, Hobs Keep Ya Hoppin’, Americans Go Ferretin’, Are You Tough Enough to Breed Ferrets?, and Peas in a Pod: Expression of Undesirable Genes in Ferrets
  • Medical News: Clinical Drug Trials in Ferrets with Adrenal Disease, What Every Veterinarian Should Know About Ferret Obstetrics
  • Rescue 911
  • Living With Ferrets: Bebe’s Story, Draw the AVMA’s Attention to Domesticated Ferrets, BFF Adoption Kits Available, and Things Ferrets Are Good At

Volume 10, Number 1; 1999

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