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  Aleutian Disease Virus (ADV) in the Ferret

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For AFA Show-related ADV testing information
AFA show policies and information regarding required ADV testing.

ADV Testing Facilities

Blue Cross Animal Hospital CEP testing
Important information on the collection and submission of blood samples.

Blue Cross Animal Hospital
401 N Miller Ave
Burley, ID 83318

ADV CEP Test Submission Form
A word document form that can be used to submit ADV CEP tests to Blue Cross Animal Hospital.

Avecon ADV Antibody ELISA Test
As of September 2013 Avecon Diagnostics will no longer be accepting saliva samples for ELISA testing.

United Vaccines CEP Test
As of January 26, 2006 United Vaccines, Inc. will no longer be accepting blood samples for CEP testing. Samples received after January 25th, 2006 will not be run.

Learn About ADV

Aleutian Mink Disease, A Hidden Danger to Your Ferret
This informative AFA article answers common questions about Aleutian Disease.
The vision of this web site is to offer the ferret community a central location to find the ADV information that all ferret owners need to know.

Aleutian Disease in Ferrets
Dr. Richard Nye wrote this article addressing many common questions and concerns about Aleutian Disease.

Aleutian Disease
Ferret Haven by the Sea offers additional information regarding Aleutians.

Aleutians Disease Yahoo Group
Join the Aleutians Disease Yahoo Group to stay in touch with others and keep abreast of the latest news on the subject.

Subscribe to the Aleutian Disease Yahoo Group